We're researching how to talk to the skin

Solutions that work with our skin

Whether software or hardware, we develop complete solutions. We adhere to the regulations and best practices in place and reach the solution promptly thanks to our experience. 


the science that studies the touch sense.

Haptic tech is that one that touch you instead of you have to touch. In Tuso we understand Haptic information as a Superpower. In the Age of the information having an alternative info input could be considered as an advantage, isn’t it? 

Our Approach.


We all have the right to access the same amount and quality of information. Let’s start to work to ensure this.


Our research is carried out hand in hand with the haptic experts, i.e. sensory impaired. They give us the clues and we work to meet their needs


Haptics over optics

Today’s technology has been designed for our ears and eyes, it is time to consider all our senses to achieve more humane solutions.

Are you considering using Haptics

in your product or service?

Haptics can help you improve the user experience of your application, increase the entertainment of your content or make your solution more accessible. It’s time to make a difference.

*demo only compatible with determined devices


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