We're researching how to talk to the skin

How do we do?

we develop haptic interfaces

able to transform and transmit data to an understable language compatible with our touch sense.


science that studies the touch sense.

Haptic tech is that one that touch you instead of you have to touch. In Tuso we understand Haptic information as a Superpower. In the Age of the information having an alternative info input could be considered as an advantage, isn’t it?聽

Our Approach.


We all have the right to access the same amount and quality of information.

For a democratization of access to fair information.


Our research is carried out hand in hand with the haptic, i.e. sensory impaired, experts. They give us the clues and we work to meet their needs.

Also we use Open Source solutions and we share with the community our advances.

Haptics over optics

Today’s technology has been designed for our ears and eyes, it is time to consider all our senses to achieve more humane solutions.

We keep working 馃挭

馃嚜馃嚫 Seguimos trabajando

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Today is ending the European Week for Safety and Health at Work and we at Tuso want to give a voice to all workers involved in home and last mile deliveries. 馃殮馃彔

We know all the hours spent in a vehicle and the risk involved in being on the road all day or in different areas of the city. 馃寙

鉃★笍 Luckily, with Aro, Tuso's armband, you can feel safer in your daily life and also improve your experience of travelling around the city. 馃憦 With the bracelet the delivery people will no longer have to look at a screen or listen to directions when they want to take the quickest route or do not know how to get to their destination, as touch acts as GPS indications receiver. 馃槂

And by protecting themselves, they protect others.馃懌

馃嚜馃嚫 Hoy finaliza la Semana Europea para la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo y, desde Tuso, queremos darle voz a todos los trabajadores que se dedican al reparto a domicilio y de u虂ltima milla.馃殮馃彔

Sabemos todas las horas que pasan subidos en un vehi虂culo y el riesgo que conlleva estar todo el di虂a en la carretera o por distintas zonas de la ciudad. 馃寙

鉃★笍 Por suerte, con Aro, la pulsera de Tuso, podra虂n sentirse ma虂s seguros en su di虂a a di虂a y tambie虂n mejorar su experiencia recorriendo la ciudad. 馃憦 Con la pulsera los repartidores no tendra虂n que volver a mirar una pantalla o escuchar indicaciones cuando quieran tomar la ruta ma虂s ra虂pida o no saben llegar al destino, ya que el tacto actu虂a como herramienta para recibir indicaciones de su GPS. 馃槂

Y al protegerse ellos, protegen a los dema虂s. 馃懌

鈩癸笍 馃嚞馃嚙Aro final version is subjected to changes, prototypes are shown.

鈩癸笍 馃嚜馃嚫 La versi贸n final de Aro est谩 sujeta a cambios, s贸lo se muestran los prototipos.

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Introducing the new image of Tuso! 馃憦

鉃★笍 At Tuso, we work every day to know how to talk to the skin thanks to the development and research of haptic technology, which allows the flow of information through the sense of touch.

Our goal is to enhance and rebuild the concept of haptics to reach everyone. 馃懌 That is why we are taking a step forward by renewing our image, marking the beginning of a new era: haptics to improve everyone's life. 馃挭 It's time to use touch!

Use your senses!

馃嚜馃嚫 隆Os presentamos la nueva imagen de Tuso!

鉃★笍 En Tuso, trabajamos di虂a a di虂a para saber co虂mo hablarle a la piel gracias al desarrollo e investigacio虂n de la tecnologi虂a ha虂ptica, que permite el flujo de informacio虂n a trave虂s del sentido del tacto.

Nuestro objetivo es potenciar y reconstruir el concepto de la ha虂ptica para llegar a todos. 馃懌 Por eso, damos un paso ma虂s renovando nuestra imagen, marcando el inicio de una nueva era : ha虂ptica para mejorar la vida de todos 馃挭 隆Es hora de usar el tacto!

隆Aprovecha tus sentidos!

鈩癸笍 馃嚞馃嚙Aro final version is subjected to changes, prototypes are shown.

鈩癸笍 馃嚜馃嚫 La versi贸n final de Aro est谩 sujeta a cambios, s贸lo se muestran los prototipos.

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