Ganto helps Visual Impaired find the correct way.


Ganto sends the information you need through the hand skin intuitively.


Easy to put and remove, compatible with the white cane. An small upgrade for your daily tasks.

Precise indications.


Simple Useflow.

Feel tuso technology in your hand skin. Indications are intuitive and gives you information about distances, obstacles and other useful information.

Control Voice Over or Talkback and do Ganto interaction without taking your phone out the pocket.

Easy use. Send your destination in a fast way and feel the indications in real-time.

Ergonomic design.

Easy to put and remove. Designed for intesive use.

Wifi & Bluetooth.

Connect as you want. Software updatable.

Long life battery.

and easy to recharge.

Third Parties.

Open SDK for easy implementation.


with Visually impared support.

Now I’m able to anticipate my next movements so it makes me feel safer.

David Gamiz, Teflotech head of ONCE

Makes me happy that somebody is worried about blind people and doing their best for our needs.

Anonymous, Blind user

At the beggining is a little strange. After a short train, I’m able to feel white cane vibrations and Ganto information.

Anonymous, Blind user

It is so simple and so useful!

Annonymous, Blind user