About us.

About us.


Alvaro Millan

Founder & CEO Product designer and haptic researcher.

Rafael Moreno

Cofounder & CTO Hardware specialist.

Daniel Guardeño

Marketing & Communication

Alvaro Cejas

Marking & Communication

Pablo Piñero

Graphic and Product Designer.

María del Mar Gálvez

Product design

Special support.

in App and software development

Specialist & mentors

and people that colaborate with our project.

Ricardo Abad

Blind Technologist and founder of Infotechvision

Marcelo Rosado

Social Relations in Once Malaga. Blind iOS developer.

David Gámez

Writer & tiflotechnician in Once Malaga

Sergio Duramartin

Blind Communicator, Entrepeneur and Storyteller

Valentí Acconcia

Crowdfunding consultant

Luis Millán

Creative Technologist and electrical consultant

Elena Rivas

Data Analyst & architec

Ricardo Roca

Founder of Óptica Roca

Manuel Rivero

Blind trainer

Our Trip.

Blind Tech
It was in a student Hackaton, Ideas Factory, where our early team realised about disabled people accessibility problems. Since that day started to research. Our first and awared solution was an innovative white cane with able to find obstacles and inform the user by vibration.
October 2018
Red Bull Basement
As the research progressed, the CEO had the opportunity to continue his studies in Barcelona. There he met a blind skater @the_blind_rider. With him we realized that touch was a technologically undervalued sense. When we arrived at the IED Innovation Lab, where we were welcomed by Red Bull Basement, we pulled the thread and focused our research on the sense of touch. Here was born Tuso, a project aimed at solving the problems of accessibility for people with sensory disabilities using the sense of touch. Ganto was our first Haptic Interfaced with the shape of a semi-glove and the hability of transmitt a wide range of information.
October 2018
January 2019
Polaris Academy
We left RB Basement with a great technological idea. When we received the award of the Spin-off of Malaga we entered this precious academy of business models. Here we deepened the market research and continued in parallel prototyping and testing ideas. As students, we were accelerated at great speed into this world to continue on the path
January 2019
May 2019
We are Explorers!
After much effort we managed to win the award for best business model of Explorer By Santander in Malaga. This award gave us a direct ticket to Silicon Valley where we had the opportunity to learn and show our project in the best possible place. We had the opportunity to know the haptic advances of other companies and we began to narrow collaborations.
May 2019
Minerva & Ship2B
First Product Launch

Product Roadmap.

Ganto alpha
Ganto beta
Ganto deep testing
Aro alpha
Aro beta
Aro release
Thursday, August 27, 2018

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