Do you know how was Tuso’s idea born?

This ambitious project was born in November 2017, when Álvaro Millán Estepa, Tuso’s CEO and product engineer, returned to Spain after spending a season in Poland with the Erasmus plan. Álvaro was very frustrated, as he did not yet have any goals set in his profession and did not know what he could do to contribute to society as an engineer.

Everything changed when Millán decided to join Ideas Factory, an initiative that brings together students from different disciplines for 48 hours with the aim of developing business ideas and promoting the consolidation of ideas into viable projects with the potential to become future companies.

At this event, Álvaro was lucky enough to connect from the start with 5 profiles very different but with similar soul to himself, which motivated them to form a team to develop a very powerful business idea that would be able to take root.

To start the project, they started from an initial idea that had a business name: Why do technological advances take so long to reach the visually impaired? “They still have a cane, while we have intelligent mobiles,” said Millán.

After 48 hours of the university competition, the result of the project presented was an intelligent cane capable of transmitting information by touch in order to avoid possible obstacles. Thanks to the efficiency of the team, the rapid approach to solutions to the problems presented and the development of a viable prototype, the project was the winner of that edition.

B-TECH proyecto ganador de Ideas Factory Málaga! – The Green Ray

Shortly afterwards, they realised that the project they had carried out could be very useful in providing solutions to other problems. From that moment on, the team has not stopped growing and travelling around the world to continue learning and polishing the business idea.

In April 2018, the prototype was again awarded in a science competition at the University of Malaga as “the project with the best technical dimension” with a reward of 1,000 euros.

There was still a lot to consolidate the project, the team realised that it needed a better business model, or rather, a social model for the technology that had been developed.

In the summer of 2018, the team enjoyed the Ideas Factory award: a trip to Madrid to visit the best startups and large companies. During their stay in the Spanish capital, the group managed to connect with Red Bull Basement, a programme with the claim “Hacking for a brighter world”.

As soon as they returned from Madrid, they sent the prototype they had developed for Red Bull Basement to evaluate and, a few days later, they were selected – the project was beginning to take shape!

The story does not end here. In July 2018 they also presented themselves to the UMA Spin-Off and won the IMFE Award, which gave them: 3,000 euros, access to the Polaris Academy and an office for a year to be able to develop the project in depth.

We will soon tell you more about this ambitious project, which combines technology, progress and equity!

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